Samatha Anand

Samatha Anand is a make-up artist with years of experience in creating stunning, fairy-tale looks. So when we were tasked to create a web-portfolio of her work, we just had to make it live up to her reputation. Safe to say, we delivered!

A vibrant, lively, and stunning portfolio website for the event management company that makes vibrant, lively, and stunning events possible! They've got over a decades' worth of experience with 40+ clients and 1200+ events across India and one hell of a website!

Colours 360

ValEd Initiative

Kids these days, amirite? Not anymore! India’s leading value educator will teach your little ones cultural intelligence, 21st-century values, life skills, and a lot more on this exclusive web application to register Val-Ed for programs.

In this emerging world of technological & digital advancement, the need of the hour is to 'Go Virtual' and 'Go Digital'. The team of Virtual360 will help you create an environment to host your virtual events and help connect millions on a single space

Virtual 360

Dakshin Bharat

There's always breaking news but this website will never break! We worked our magic and optimized the site, making it more secure and capable of handling the traffic thousands of daily active users create. Now that's good news!