AI-based Smart Attendance System

Attendance isn't tedious anymore! This unique mobile and web application leverages an Artificial intelligence-based state-of-the-art face recognition model to mark student attendance. If that wasn't enough, a hefty educational ERP lets you post assignments, keep track of examination results and so much more.

Can't read your grocery list while driving? LBVR is what you need! This native Android application will read out your reminders along with push notifications when you are close enough to set locations at the right times. All you need to do is remember to set these reminders!

Location-Based Voice Reminder

Kannada OCR

ಕನ್ನಡ ಗೊತ್ತಿಲ್ಲ? No worries, just snap a picture of written or printed Kannada text and we'll convert it to an editable text format (that you can copy-paste into Google Translate). Much like us, this Neural Network based AI model is still learning Kannada, but hey, you can help it learn by challenging it!

We called it "lunch finder" because it sounded cool but really, you can find any meal based on what tickles your taste buds, location, and price on this dynamic web application. It consumes data from Google APIs so you can find what YOU wish to consume.

Lunch finder

Rewards Web Application

Hard work isn't the only thing that pays off! Perform simple tasks like following the social media pages to collect points that you can use to redeem gift vouchers and discounts on various products. Who said surfing the web was entirely useless?